My Top 100 Favourite Films of All Time: The Complete List

A while back I started posting my top one hundred favourite films in 20-movie instalments with brief summing-up reviews. Well, I’ve ditched that idea and deleted those posts, and instead, I’m going to give you the whole list, counting down, in the form of a video. It’s a very simple video, counting down from 100 to 1, with a few selected tracks from the soundtracks of some of them. This list has been radically edited since the first time I made a list, but it is definite.

I hope you enjoy:

Please, leave a comment with your thoughts below.

Thanks for reading.

About Tyler

Patient observer of all things film and music, from Béla Tarr to Boards of Canada. Foul mouthed and clinging to the edge of sanity.

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  1. I watched two of these this weekend- “Kramer vs. Kramer” and “Full Metal Jacket”. I should say “re-watched”. Great to finally see the list! Great job!

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