My Weekend Without Movies

Just today I came back from a five day vacation in a nice holiday house in an area almost completely cut off from decent civilisation. I like to go there every now and again and escape, and with all the ruckus about the Royal Wedding, it’s nice to not have to hear the words ‘Prince William’ or ‘Kate Middleton’ in your ear ceaselessly. Anyway, I’m now back and ready to resume blogging.

But… watching movies is all I do outside of working. If I wasn’t watching movies for those five days, what was I doing? Here are five things I recommend doing if you want to take a break from the stress of… watching movies.

1: Exercise!

I’m a huge fanatic of cycling, and so, I managed to set a side a few hours of a day to go for a good ride along the road and through the rugged but brilliant cycling and walking tracks that adorn my beautiful country.

2: Read

Usually most of the material I read are famous screenplays bought online or the occasional John Grisham novel, but this time I had a chance to broaden my horizons by reading some famous books that have been adapted into movies, such as Anthony Burgess’s A Clockwork Orange, Ken Kesey’s One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and Stephen King’s The Shining (which is one of the most well-written books of the century, no doubt).

3: Sleep

To many, sleep is a boring and pointless activity, but to others it is a sacred and privileged treasure which must be taken advantage of! I do not belong to either of those particular categories, but I’m not afraid to say I don’t get as much sleep as I used to or as I need to. Therefore, a holiday in the sun is a great chance to catch up on those wasted hours at the helm of the TV set.

4: Drink

Ah… the one we’ve all been waiting for. I don’t drink often at all, and scarcely when I do, but don’t let it be said that I have an aversion to alcohol. I love the precious commodity, and enjoy relishing in it occasionally, and a holiday is a perfect excuse to do so. However please don’t think wrong of me if I prefer to relish in the true liquid gold… water, a substance which was consumed in unusually small amounts in comparison to the various beers I experimented with over this weekend.

5: Clean

One may consider a holiday or vacation an excuse to get away from cleaning and tidying, but I must confess to a slight affliction of OCD, though it’s probably all in my head. I organised everything in the house, putting it in its correct place and even making renovation plans. See! This is how crazy I get when I’m not watching movies. You’ve been warned…

Now that I’m home however, the five things mentioned above will begin to shrink in their occurances, to make way for that obsessive activity of watching, reviewing and cataloguing movies. I enjoy what I do, completely, and movies are a great way to pass the time and increase your knowledge, but vacations which give you a chance to do what you don’t normally do are a blessing, no matter what you might think.

I will of course, apologise, for wasting your time with useless information about my dull and routine life, but please… feel free to waste mine. Leave a comment with what you do when you’re not doing what you normally do, if the invitation is not too personal, and as usual

Thanks for reading.


About Tyler

Patient observer of all things film and music, from Béla Tarr to Boards of Canada. Foul mouthed and clinging to the edge of sanity.

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  1. Your post reminds me that I need to get back in the saddle and start bike riding again. Haven’t been on my bike since last September. All of my blog “research” has left me way out of shape (and a few pounds heavier of course). Hope the rains subside so that I can get some quality time on the road again. I’ll even settle for a tag-along ride with my oldest.


  2. I love the Kesey version of “Cuckoo’s Nest”, which is so wildly different from the film. Apparently Kesey hated the film version.

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