Some Great Mashup Videos of Directors’ Catalogues

I recently discovered some great mashup videos on YouTube made by users who were fans of the material of certain film directors. I thought the videos were extremely well-done and have decided to share with you some of my favourites. I did not make any of these videos and I am not advertising or anything like that. I’m simply passing along some great videos I think film fans will appreciate.

The Films of Stanley Kubrick:

The Films of David Lynch:

The Films of Joel and Ethan Coen:

The Films of Paul Thomas Anderson:

If you enjoyed those videos as I did, they’re all made by the same YouTube user, some guy named barringer82. Again, I’m not advertising and hopefully you won’t consider this post spam or anything. I’m just hoping you found those videos as entertaining and informative as I did. Great work.

Thanks for reading.

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Patient observer of all things film and music, from Béla Tarr to Boards of Canada. Foul mouthed and clinging to the edge of sanity.

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