Kubrick Konfidential #2: Killer’s Kiss

A beautifully choreographed ballet flashback from an otherwise rather weak film from Stanley Kubrick called "Killer's Kiss"

Stanley Kubrick’s second film was a significant improvement on his first. It was a dark, dangerous tale of a man falling for the wrong woman. But the only problem was… it wasn’t original. It is a plot that’s been done many times, but early aspects of Kubrick’s now famous style help, at least a little bit, to pull it out of the gutter, brush it off, and call it presentable.

It’s one of Kubrick’s shorter films (like Fear and Desire), which alleviates the pain and bore of watching it just a bit, and the final confrontation in the mannequin warehouse may not be the best of finales, but is certainly better than some. If you’d like to see it, it’s available on YouTube at this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-dQBf2ww2_c&feature=s2l

It’s a decent second film from Kubrick, but considering his later work, the average viewer would expect a lot more. But… Kubrick would redeem himself and get noticed with his next film, perhaps his first great one, The Killing

Killer’s Kiss:
My Rating: 5/10


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